• Tips for Floor Maintenance in MA

    By : echocleaning Sep 2018

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    Commercial cleaning from EchoThough it hasn’t felt much like it, winter is here in New England and the weather is unpredictable as ever. This unusual warm weather could lead to snowstorms in just a few weeks’ time, and it’s important to be prepared for the salt, slush, rain, and other debris that are tracked through your business. Echo Cleaning has been providing cleaning services in Massachusetts since 2010, and have a few tips for floor maintenance to improve the aesthetic and safety of anyone entering your commercial space.


    Use and preserve large entrance mats. The best defense is a great offense, and being proactive by supplying your spaces with entrance mats means helping prevent the elements from reaching your floors. It’s also important to regularly clean these mats to ensure their proper function.


    Utilize “wet floor” signs. The wellbeing of employees and customers is one of the top concerns of any business. Having “wet floor” signs available for slippery surfaces can prevent serious injuries from occurring, and marks where mopping should be completed to avoid damage to your flooring.


    Increase vacuuming. This applies to both entrance mats and other carpeted areas. Salt, snow, mud, and chemicals are often found on the streets during the winter months, and can effect the color and quality of your carpet.


    Schedule routine cleanings. Not only do you want your floors to be safe, you want to them to look great. Working with a cleaning service in Massachusetts like Echo Cleaning means working with professionals who will fit your budget, preserve your commercial flooring from scratches and other damaging effects of seasonal elements, and leave your floors looking new.


    If you’ve been considering cleaning services in MA to give you peace of mind about your flooring during these winter and spring months, give Echo Cleaning a call at (978) 758-4858. Speak to our experts about scheduling an appointment for a free estimate.