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What’s Included in Professional Residential Cleaning?

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Your office could be spotless, but when you get home, you’ll be faced with more mess. Wouldn’t it be nice if your office cleaner could take care of your home as well? At Echo Cleaning, we will do professional residential cleaning—read on to understand what this includes. Emptying trash—all trash cans in your home will […]

Hire a Cleaner for Your Event

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Are you planning a party, conference, or another major event? When you’re going to gather a lot of people together, a lot of trash and dirt will ensue. You need to consider a cleaner to handle this. Hosting is a difficult job. You need to coordinate so many things, from your guests to the food […]

What’s Included in Office Cleaning?

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At Echo Cleaning, we offer full service cleaning for your company. This means more than just vacuuming or tossing out the trash—we put care into every aspect of cleaning to ensure your building is spotless. Take a look at all we do below. Breakroom/Kitchen cleaning: Wherever you handle food needs to be cleaned with extra […]

Why Is Commercial Cleaning Worth It?

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If you have a small or medium-sized office for your company, you might be wondering why you should bother with a commercial cleaning service. After all, you might be thinking that your employees can clean up after themselves. While this is true, there is more in-depth cleaning that your office requires that your employees can’t […]

It’s Time to Protect Your Commercial Carpet for the Winter

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When you live in Massachusetts, you spend the better half of fall preparing for the winter season. Even if you work in an office space, there transitions to be made to protect against snow, salt, and bacteria. Carpet cleaning is an essential way to protect your carpet this winter and provides a number of benefits. […]

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What’s In Your Carpet?

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No matter if you’re seeking out residential cleaning or janitorial services in the greater Boston, MA area, anyone with a carpet could benefit from professional carpet cleaning. Echo Cleaning wants our customers to know about what exactly lives in their carpets and why it matters: Allergens Pollen, dust mites, and dust are invisible to the […]

Why Every Business Owner Should Invest in Commercial Office Cleaning

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Echo Cleaning loves building new relationships, and we love to see the ways our commercial cleaning services have improved businesses in MA and NH. We believe every business owner should invest in office cleaning services because of the many benefits it can offer, but here are a few of what we consider the most important: […]

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Tips for Summer Office Cleaning

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It’s the dead of summer, and you might be wondering what you can do to improve your current cleaning services in Massachusetts, southern New Hampshire, and around New England. Echo Cleaning understands the summer time is often a period for business owners to reflect on what they can do to improve their work environments, and here […]