It’s Time to Protect Your Commercial Carpet for the Winter

When you live in Massachusetts, you spend the better half of fall preparing for the winter season. Even if you work in an office space, there transitions to be made to protect against snow, salt, and bacteria. Carpet cleaning is an essential way to protect your carpet this winter and provides a number of benefits.

Not only does cleaning improve carpet appearance, but it also improves indoor air quality, minimizes allergens and contaminants, avoids potential smells, and extend your carpets life. What can you do to protect your carpets? Echo Cleaning has a few ideas:

Utilize weather mats at entrances

Preventative measures can improve the longevity of your carpet. Utilize welcome mats near the doors of your office or building to catch some of the debris tracked in on people’s feet. Not only can this help minimize cleaning to your carpets down the line, but the mats can also be taken outside at the end of each week to be shaken.

Create a routine cleaning schedule

Routine cleaning can help minimize the chance of wear caused by regular walking patterns. It can also help prevent the likelihood of salt and other damages caused by winter to set into your carpets fibers from staining for good. On top of all of that, cleaning can also remove the germs and bacteria often associated with winter.

Invest in a professional service

Similar to car detailing, few office teams have access to the right commercial equipment for DIY janitorial services. Using a professional cleaning service like Echo Cleaning means your office’s carpets will be cleaned with commercial vacuums, which have better results than the traditional residential vacuums some might still be using.

If you’re searching for the perfect commercial cleaning service, Echo Cleaning’s team would love to help you, one carpet at a time.

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What’s In Your Carpet?

No matter if you’re seeking out residential cleaning or janitorial services in the greater Boston, MA area, anyone with a carpet could benefit from professional carpet cleaning. Echo Cleaning wants our customers to know about what exactly lives in their carpets and why it matters:


Pollen, dust mites, and dust are invisible to the naked eye but exist within your carpets both at home and in an office. These organisms contribute to allergy symptoms, which nearly 40% of Americans suffer from, according to the National Center for Healthy Housing. Symptoms can include but are not limited to such as respiratory problems, skin irritation, and watery eyes.

Bacteria and viruses

Bacteria and viruses can live up to four weeks in a carpet and contain around 200,000 per square inch. This statistic means your carpet is actually far dirtier than even your toilet seat! If you find your family is sick for weeks at a time, your carpet could be contributing to their inability to fight off the illness!


Whether you’ve invested in certain types of traditional steam carpet cleaning that uses gallons of water or your carpet has been exposed to excessive humidity, there is a good chance that mold has begun to grow in areas you are unable to see. Mold often presents itself as allergy symptoms to those who are impacted by it.

Dirt and debris

Did you know that nearly 75% of Americans admit to walking around their home with their shoes on? Not only are they tracking in the elements from outside, but they are also being ground into the carpet with every step, which damages the color of the carpet and can significantly impact its integrity.

Dead skin

Even though we don’t want to think about it, the human body sheds 1.6 pounds of dead skin every year. Dead skin contains oils, dirt, and sweat, which are then forced into your carpet’s fibers. Additionally, dust mites feed on the dead skin cells in your carpet, which helps them reproduce and spread.

Fortunately, our team is here to provide professional carpet cleaning and other services for your business or home. We would love to work with you and improve your living environments, one service at a time.

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Myths About Carpet Cleaning

Echo Cleaning has walked into many homes and commercial spaces for carpet cleaning services where their flooring needs some serious TLC. There are plenty of customers out there who believe in these common carpet cleaning myths that we want to debunk for the future!

“My carpet is newer. I don’t need cleaning yet.”

Our carpets hold a lot more airborne bacteria and other microbes than many are aware of. Though your carpet might be one to two years old, routine cleaning improves longevity and removes dirt and other contaminants before they become a bigger problem.

“The cleaning products I buy at the store work just as well.”

Even when you’ve found the holy grail of cleaning products, they are often not ideal for maintaining the integrity of your carpet. These products have an abundance of harsh chemicals to be effective and often will even pull the color from your carpet.

“If my carpet looks good, I shouldn’t bother cleaning it.”

Though your carpet might look great from the outside, cleaning can prevent potential damage in the future! Waiting until you can visibly see a color difference means that there has already been damage completed to the fibers.

“Renting a DIY carpet cleaning machine is the same as the professionals.”

Many homeowners will rent or buy their own carpet cleaning machine with the hopes to save money in the long run. Unfortunately, these machines put a lot of water into your carpet and drying is extensive. This can lead to mildew, mold, and break down of the backing.

Whether you’re in need of carpet cleaning or any of our other cleaning services in MA or NH, Echo Cleaning would love to help bring your flooring and other services back to life with professional techniques, machines, and cleaning products that improve the longevity of your space.

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Allergens in the Workplace

Allergy sufferers are prone to allergen issues no matter where they live or work. Missing work,or being slowed down at your desk because of allergies is counterproductive for everyone. No one wants to be miserable with a stuffy nose, itchy eyes, or the numerous other symptoms that come with allergies. Going into an office environment where allergens are prevalent can make for miserable employees.

Allergens aren’t restricted to the outdoors, either. Many allergens are airborne, such as pet dander and pollen. These can travel on clothing, bags and purses. When movement forces them back into the air, they can be transferred into the work environment through the ventilation system and then collect on office equipment and on desks.

Pollen and spores can also stick to shoes, which makes it easy to transfer allergens to carpets and floors. Mold can linger in carpets as well. It isn’t uncommon for commercial buildings to have roach problem. People can be allergic to cockroach saliva and droppings. Regular office cleaning is one of the best ways to prevent roach infestation and keep these allergens at bay.

Food allergies can become an issue because of crumbs left on countertops or the floor. Other allergens, such as mold, dust mites and chemicals present issues as well. Using the wrong products to clean can make things worse, even cleaning with products with strong odors can exacerbate allergies. Carefully cleaning areas without propelling allergens into the air can be difficult, but a professional has the knowledge on how to clean these areas.

Regular carpet cleaning, disinfecting floors, and dusting and sanitizing meal areas and touch points helps reduce the risk of allergens making people sick. These allergens can be reduced and eliminated by the experts, which can make a big difference in the workplace. This keeps employees healthy and productive. The office will look cleaner, smell fresher, and improve healthfulness of the overall environment.

Echo Cleaning is ready to help with your allergen cleaning needs with reliable, knowledgeable, and consistent staff. Call Echo Cleaning today at (978) 758-4858 for free analysis and more information about commercial cleaning service.

Benefits from Cleaning Carpets

Professional carpet cleaning can improve the appearance of your home and extend the life of

your carpet, and it also has health benefits. While the American Lung Association recommends

that a carpet be vacuumed at least three times each week, cleaning carpets annually provides

additional health benefits.

 According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a dirty carpet can retain indoor air

pollutants including cockroach allergens, lead, pet dander, everyday dirt and dust, and

particle pollution. Toxic airborne gasses stick to the particulate matter and become

trapped in the carpet. Activities such as vacuuming and walking across the carpet can

cause pollutants to be released and contaminate the air in your home. Professional carpet

cleaning services kills bacteria through special shampooing formulas while high powered

vacuuming removes trapped pollutants. You’re not just getting a cleaner looking carpet

you’re getting rid of those pollutants!

 Dirty carpets are high risk of developing mold when exposed to moisture. This is

especially true for high humidity areas where the carpet is exposed to moisture. Moisture

frequently gets tracked into the home and can sink deep into carpet fibers. Cleaning your

carpet regularly can prevent mold and mildew growth. Professional carpet cleaners have

high powered drying tools to annihilate moisture, which will also prevent mold growth.

 Dust mites are microscopic, making it hard to become aware of an infestation. Dust mites

aren’t allergens, but they leave behind feces and body fragments which are. These can

easily be inhaled which can aggravate allergies. Steam cleaning exposes dust mites to

high temperatures they can’t survive. Dust mites can be cleared out with professional

carpet cleaning.

 Sufferers of asthma and allergies find breathing easier after carpets have been

professionally cleaned. Vacuuming removes contaminants from the surface of your

carpet. When these contaminants penetrate deep into the carpet, it can make breathing

difficult. Allergen induced attacks can be reduced by improved indoor air quality. Having

carpets cleaned professionally can remove these allergens, making it easier to breathe.

Cleaning carpets is not just cosmetic, it is an investment in health and wellness for you and your

family. Call Echo Cleaning today at (978) 758-4858 for free estimate.

Common Areas that are Missed when Cleaning

Cleaning every single space and every crevice isn’t easy. The more you clean, the easier it gets. In the home or office, there are areas that are often overlooked. The following are areas that often are overlooked when cleaning.

  •  Beneath furniture and appliances. When vacuuming, you should move furniture so you can get to the dust that settles underneath your furniture. If you don’t vacuum up dust on a regular basis, it can build up and require more extensive carpet cleaning in the future. Cleaning beneath kitchen appliances like the refrigerator or oven can help prevent appliance repairs.
  • Hard to reach places or places up high that are out of our line of sight get overlooked. The tops of large appliances like the refrigerator, bookshelves, doors and doorframes.
  • Baseboards are often overlooked. Take a few moments to run a damp cloth over baseboards, it can go a long way.
  • Areas behind your computer, monitor, television, or microwave gather dust. There is typically less air flow behind these objects. Dust can damage electronics and reduce their longevity, which means it’s important to clean around them. Don’t forget to unplug them when you clean. It’s not a bad idea to wipe down the TV remote, your keyboard computer, and cell phone to prevent spreading germs.
  • Items you touch every day can collect germs. Light switches, door knobs and doors should be wiped down to aid in preventing germs from spreading.
  • A large, flat surface area like a kitchen counter top, or a floor can have neglected spaces. Move any items on the counter or floor so you can get behind everything. Don’t forget cracks and crevices, where dirt and dust can build up.
  • Cleaning in between window fixtures is a task often overlooked. The space gathers dust, dirt, and pollen. If not cleaned, it may make it so you’re cleaning your windows more frequently.Don’t forget window screens which also trap dust, dirt, and pollen from outside.
  • Do you clean your cleaning supplies? Your cleaning tools could use a good scrubbing, otherwise you’re using the same dirty things to try to clean up! Getting your cleaning supplies cleaned and sanitized go a long way towards getting your house cleaner.
  • Ceiling fan blades and vent grates need a good once over to cut down on dust and allergies. The blades in the ceiling fan and the covers of venting systems collect dust and dirt, especially if they have sat idle for a long period of time.

Tips for Floor Maintenance in MA

Commercial cleaning from EchoThough it hasn’t felt much like it, winter is here in New England and the weather is unpredictable as ever. This unusual warm weather could lead to snowstorms in just a few weeks’ time, and it’s important to be prepared for the salt, slush, rain, and other debris that are tracked through your business. Echo Cleaning has been providing cleaning services in Massachusetts since 2010, and have a few tips for floor maintenance to improve the aesthetic and safety of anyone entering your commercial space.


Use and preserve large entrance mats. The best defense is a great offense, and being proactive by supplying your spaces with entrance mats means helping prevent the elements from reaching your floors. It’s also important to regularly clean these mats to ensure their proper function.


Utilize “wet floor” signs. The wellbeing of employees and customers is one of the top concerns of any business. Having “wet floor” signs available for slippery surfaces can prevent serious injuries from occurring, and marks where mopping should be completed to avoid damage to your flooring.


Increase vacuuming. This applies to both entrance mats and other carpeted areas. Salt, snow, mud, and chemicals are often found on the streets during the winter months, and can effect the color and quality of your carpet.


Schedule routine cleanings. Not only do you want your floors to be safe, you want to them to look great. Working with a cleaning service in Massachusetts like Echo Cleaning means working with professionals who will fit your budget, preserve your commercial flooring from scratches and other damaging effects of seasonal elements, and leave your floors looking new.


If you’ve been considering cleaning services in MA to give you peace of mind about your flooring during these winter and spring months, give Echo Cleaning a call at (978) 758-4858. Speak to our experts about scheduling an appointment for a free estimate.