Why You Should Trust Echo Cleaning Services

Simply researching cleaning services in NH and MA on the Internet brings up thousands of results, and Echo Cleaning understands that this seemingly straightforward task has become daunting in just a few clicks. Knowing where to start while looking for a reputable, affordable cleaning service can be your first problem, and for that reason alone, we can think of three important reasons you should trust us to be your go-to professional cleaning company.

We have the experience

Since opening back in 2010, Echo Cleaning has become one of the premier residential and commercial cleaning companies in the area. In just seven years’ time, we have built up the clientele and knowledge to complete any job out there. Our team has only grown in strength over the years and will continue to do so in the future.

We have exceptional customer service

On top of the seven years Echo Cleaning has been in business, our founder Nathan Salem has over 15 years of experience in the landscaping and construction industries. Both fields involve extensive customer service care, which continues to be his primary objective for every client he has ever worked with.

Nathan personally trains our team

The way Echo Cleaning can provide the experience and customer service we are known for is through our all-encompassing training. Nathan personally trains each employee that joins our team to teach them the techniques and qualities they need to perform each job to the highest standards possible.

Whether you are searching for residential or commercial cleaning services, Echo Cleaning has the team you want to work with. Choosing us means choosing professionals who believe in and will provide you with the services and care you deserve.

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Keep Those Spring Allergens at Bay!

It’s getting to that time of year when we can open the windows and really let the air in! Most are excited to get the warmer seasons started after a long winter, but there are just as many people who suffer from spring allergies. As a cleaning service in MA, we’ve learned all the different ways allergens can be tracked into your home or workplace. Here are a few areas you should invest in cleaning if and when possible.


This can be especially important when your home or office is filled with knick-knacks and other items that can collect pollen. Trapping the dust and pollen with a damp cleaning tool can often be the best way to prevent kickback, unlike some more traditional dry dusting methods.


Maybe the first rule in the book, cleaning the fabrics in our space can make a world of a difference! Vacuuming our floors, furniture, and other areas of our home where pollen can become trapped can save us quite a bit of sneezing in the next few months.

Change out filters

There are plenty of ways for pollen to enter a structure other than the front door or windows. Always take the time to clean out the filters in your air units, your vacuum, furnace filter, and more. You’ll feel the difference in your air quality as you breathe.

Don’t forget the outside!

It’s much easier for pollen and dust to be tracked inside when the outside of your home or commercial space is covered with a layer of allergens! Window washing and wetting down your driveway, siding, and walkways can make a huge difference in what can be brought inside.

Fortunately, hiring a cleaning service in Massachusetts like Echo Cleaning means cutting down on this chores list. Our team of professionals will work with you to create a cleaning schedule that will minimize your maintenance at home or in the office, including dealing with these pesky allergens.

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Time to Clean Up After a Long Winter

It’s no surprise that homeowners and business owners are calling their local cleaning services in MA and
to schedule a deep cleaning of their residential and commercial spaces after a long winter. Not only are a lot of our spaces layered with dust caused by closed windows, but we also face these damages sand and salt can cause to our interiors and exteriors.

It’s abrasive

Sand and salt are ideal for creating traction on an icy surface, but it can be tracked into our homes or business spaces and wreak havoc on our surfaces. Scratches on wood floors and tiles, windows, and fraying on carpets often occur, especially if they are not cleaned in a timely manner.

It makes surfaces look old and worn

Have you ever noticed the dull, white-washed appearance of your floors? Maybe your carpet is stained from months of use in the winter, or your windows are foggy with residue? Sand and salt can cause our flooring and other surfaces to appear aged and distressed, no matter the age of your building or home.

It can cause deterioration if left

Salt is a great tool for the winter season, but the effects of it mixing with low temperatures and water can cause a variety of problems if left for too long. Concrete, carpets, rugs, wood floors and tiles can face irreversible damages caused by salt and sand if left unwashed for an extended period of time.

Fortunately, there are residential and commercial cleaning companies in MA and NH like Echo Cleaning who can handle these services for you. From dust to salt and sand, we will clean from top to bottom and prepare you for spring and summer. Each of our professionals is hired and trained personally by our business owner Nathan Salem to manage each account with care. When we leave your home or business space, you will wonder how you ever kept your space this clean before.

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Why Waxing Your Floors is Important for Your Business

Floors get a lot of abuse from shoes and debris that are tracked in, such as sand or salt. Keeping your floors clean improves the way your business looks and feels and gives a good impression. Floor stripping and waxing is thought about the least, but a very important part of keeping your business appealing. The conditions of your floors will be noticed immediately. Dull and grimy floors give the wrong impression. Floors with a lot of wear and tear won’t last as long as they can.

  • Scratches, dirt, and slippery areas on the floor can create potential hazards. Having the floors stripped and wax removes dirt deposits, and applying a new surface without scratches or slippery areas. Floor waxing maintains a safe floor.
  • Dirty floors are not pleasant to look at. When waxing a floor, it strips the floor and re-applies a protective finish. Many scratches and stains are removed and when waxed, they are clean and shine and give a professional and inviting appearance.
  • When the protective seal on the floors wears down to the point where the flooring is exposed, permanent damage can occur. When you regularly clean your floors it decreases their wear, protects them, and increases their longevity.


When you have your floor stripped, sealed, and apply wax, it forms a barrier between the floors and anything that can damage and stain them, helping to protect your floors from traffic and every day wear


It is important to use the correct chemicals and equipment for the type of floor that is being waxed. The wrong materials can damage your floors. Professionals will have the right equipment and chemicals and training to properly strip and wax your floors.


For more information about floor waxing MA, contact Echo Cleaning at (978) 809-8181.

Identifying Areas of Your Office To Have Cleaned

Businesses, no matter what services they provide or what products they are selling, should be as clean as possible to attract and to keep customers. Cleaning an office space can be time consuming. Considering top quality cleaning professionals in MA, a professional cleaning company with the know-how and equipment can take care of the areas in your office in need of cleaning. Read on for some common areas in the office that need to be cleaned.

Carpets and floors

The number one concern for any office space or business are the floors. Most hard-surface flooring shows dirt and dust quickly. Floors can be cleaned with a broom or mop, but they may need to be steam cleaned or waxed for proper maintenance.

Consider childcare facilities which should have their carpets and their floors cleaned quarterly as there are many activities that involve children sitting or lying down. Manufacturing facilities or businesses or offices that have high-energy appliances should have their floors cleaned frequently to avoid damage from debris or loose materials. The right equipment and proper know how makes it easier for professionals to take care of this time-consuming workload and get the job done properly.


In offices and childcare facilities, and any building really, restrooms are integral and should be cleaned daily. By cleaning them daily, it protects people from bacteria and from exposure to harmful waste. If the restroom isn’t being cleaned regularly, it compromises the health of employees and their families.

Desks and tables

Common touch points, just like computers, include desks and tables. They are often occupied by several people in a day. Some people eat lunch at their desks which can litter the area with food scraps. Because of this these areas should be cleaned weekly in the least, but preferably they should be cleaned daily. Especially kitchen tables in order to avoid the spread of bacteria.


Kitchen areas in break rooms have a high volume of human interaction and should be cleaned weekly or more often. Especially when illnesses are being spread. Daily touch ups help when there are seasonal illnesses so it isn’t as easy for them to spread. It is especially helpful to clean coffee stations and microwaves daily to avoid infectious diseases or viruses, especially when it’s flu season.


Windows are an essential part of residential and commercial building spaces and office spaces. They help to promote comfort and positive morale. They should be cleaned bi-monthly to avoid being clouded with dirt. The outside of high rise buildings can schedule for cleaning of the outside of the windows quarterly, or bi-annually.

These are just a few areas that are of concern for those considering janitorial services. For information about top quality cleaning results in MA, contact Echo Cleaning at (978) 809-8181.

Tips for Floor Maintenance in MA

Commercial cleaning from EchoThough it hasn’t felt much like it, winter is here in New England and the weather is unpredictable as ever. This unusual warm weather could lead to snowstorms in just a few weeks’ time, and it’s important to be prepared for the salt, slush, rain, and other debris that are tracked through your business. Echo Cleaning has been providing cleaning services in Massachusetts since 2010, and have a few tips for floor maintenance to improve the aesthetic and safety of anyone entering your commercial space.


Use and preserve large entrance mats. The best defense is a great offense, and being proactive by supplying your spaces with entrance mats means helping prevent the elements from reaching your floors. It’s also important to regularly clean these mats to ensure their proper function.


Utilize “wet floor” signs. The wellbeing of employees and customers is one of the top concerns of any business. Having “wet floor” signs available for slippery surfaces can prevent serious injuries from occurring, and marks where mopping should be completed to avoid damage to your flooring.


Increase vacuuming. This applies to both entrance mats and other carpeted areas. Salt, snow, mud, and chemicals are often found on the streets during the winter months, and can effect the color and quality of your carpet.


Schedule routine cleanings. Not only do you want your floors to be safe, you want to them to look great. Working with a cleaning service in Massachusetts like Echo Cleaning means working with professionals who will fit your budget, preserve your commercial flooring from scratches and other damaging effects of seasonal elements, and leave your floors looking new.


If you’ve been considering cleaning services in MA to give you peace of mind about your flooring during these winter and spring months, give Echo Cleaning a call at (978) 758-4858. Speak to our experts about scheduling an appointment for a free estimate.

Skip the Flu Season with Professional Cleaning Services in MA

Cleaning services in MA from EchoThe weather is cooling down here in New England and with lower temperatures comes hot chocolate, pumpkin picking, fall foliage and all of those fun traditions we know and love. However, the fall season also brings the flu and other sick days. Have you had a chance to get your flu shots this season? The flu causes the average American worker to miss seven to nine days of work per year. Most are aware of the flu and that it is easily preventable with your annual immunizations, but there is another way to keep you and your employees strong, Echo Cleaning, LLC. Hiring a professional for all cleaning services in MA could be saving your company money in the long run by keeping your employees at their desks during flu season with their vast knowledge of disinfection and sanitization.

Did you know that over 62 million Americans will get the flu during any given flu season? When you or an employee is out of the office due to sickness for even a day, the workload seems to increase, therefore, as soon as you get back you will have to work twice as hard to get back to where you were before the sickness. Take action preemptively against the flu this year by keeping your workplace as sanitary as possible! The most effective way to prevent the flu is to stop the spread of germs, bacteria and viruses before they cause severe damage. Professional cleaning services in MA, like Echo Cleaning, specializes in sanitation and disinfection, keeping your company healthy this year.

Just a tip from Echo Cleaning: Install hands-free appliances! Items such as automatic sinks, toilets, paper towel dispensers, hand dryers and hand sanitizers will greatly reduce the spread of harmful microbes. Being cleaning specialists, Echo Cleaning, LLC, know how to use cleaning related products and techniques to help their office cleaning become much more effective!

Echo Cleaning has well-trained staff, double check their work to assure quality, reliability, consistency, and a business model founded a keeping you and your company satisfied. If you are ready to strike back against the flu season, call Echo Cleaning at (978) 758-4858 today to set up a free analysis!

A Clean Office is a Productive Office

Here at Echo Cleaning we know the importance of a clean office! However, did you know that a recent study performed by the Center for Facilities Research and co-sponsored by the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) found that a lack of cleanliness often becomes such a distraction in the workplace that it decreases learning and productivity that would normally be taking place? By choosing a professional cleaning service in MA to tidy up, the office will be a place your employees will be happy to go to!

Not only did the ISSA perform a study, Jefferey Campbell, Ph.D conducted the study “Cleanliness and learning in Higher Education.” He is the chair of the facilities management program at Brigham Young University. There were 1,481 people polled for the study and 88 percent of people reported that concentration, productivity, and learning become hindered when:

  • A visible buildup of dirt and/or floor finish in corners and along walls
  • Base molding is dull and dingy with streaks or splashes
  • All vertical and horizontal surfaces have conspicuous dust, dirt, marks, smudges and fingerprints
  • Lamp fixtures are dirty and some are burned out
  • Trash receptacles contain old trash and are stained and smell sour

If your office lets your building get to this point of dirt and grime, would you be able to get any work done? The saying “cleanliness is next to godliness” is true here and this study shows findings to support that. A professional office cleaning service in MA will help to ensure that your productivity stays high by keeping odor, dust, and dirt away!

If you are ready for more productivity, call Echo Cleaning, LLC for more information! We will come to your business or residence and provide a FREE quote for the cleaning services that will best suit your needs call (978) 809-8181 TODAY!

The Benefits of a Professional Office Cleaning Service in MA

Every person has a certain type of setting that they are most productive in. When almost 40 hours are spent in the office each week, the level of productivity is key! In most cases, people are most profitable in a clean working environment. With most of your time spent in one specific place, certain jobs, like cleaning your office, are worth contracting out so you can use your important time on the job you were hired to do. Here at Echo Cleaning we know that hiring a professional cleaning service in MA could be one of the best decisions you make for your office! Not only do you have some time back, there are other benefits that come with hiring a professional.

  • Time and Money -Cleaning your own office can add up to a significant amount of time that is taken out of busy schedules. Hiring a professional, like Echo Cleaning, will let the office work efficiently on their own projects that require more time! Not only will this save you time, it will also save you money. Another employee does not need to be hired to do the cleaning because a professional cleaning service in MA is already taking care of it!
  • Healthier Environment -Around the office, there are many unseen bacteria and germs crawling on most surfaces that can cause sickness. A rigorous cleaning from a professional is beneficial to reducing the amount of sick days! Echo Service is trained in proper sanitation practices and will keep the office clean and germ free.
  • Peace of Mind -By letting the professional take care of cleaning tasks, everyone in the office will have peace of mind. Employees will have time to stay focused on their hired assignments, rather than stopping to do cleaning tasks. Having a proper cleaning service in MA come in and take care of the work gives regular employees more time in their day and a cleaner environment in which they can be more productive.
  • Great First Impression -Last, but definitely not least, a clean office makes a great first impression to visitors! You want to create a professional, orderly, and healthy atmosphere that feels hospitable and will have an impact on the business’s reputation. That important first impression will be easy when you hire a professional cleaning service in MA.

Echo Cleaning offers top quality cleaning results that your office needs. Don’t sweat cleaning the office this summer when a professional cleaning service in MA can give you the fresh space you desire! Contact Echo Cleaning at (978) 809-8181.