• A Favorite Commercial Cleaning Product

    By : echocleaning Jul 2024

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    There are so many carpet and fabric cleaning products on the market today, which makes it hard to determine which ones are the most effective. One favorite commercial cleaning product of Echo Cleaning is the All-In-One Orange Oxy made by Maintex (available at Home Depot). It’s safe, effective, and is one of the reliable products that makes Echo Cleaning a trusted name in both residential and commercial cleaning services.Over time, carpets can become littered with dirt, mud, and stains, which can put a damper on the appealand look of your home. As part of Echo Cleaning’s multi-step cleaning process, specialized cleaning products, such as All-In-One Orange Oxy are used to treat and remove these stubborn stains and improve the look and feel of your home’s carpets. Stains such as coffee, red wine, grease, ink, blood, and dirt are just a few examples that are easily treated with All-In-One. Since it is fortified with hydrogen peroxide and a fresh orange scent, your home will be left smelling clean and renewed withoutthe toxic chemical smell that other cleaners can leave.

    Fabric & Apholstery

    Echo Cleaning is also able to apply this product to fabric and upholstery, making it suitable for stain removal on area rugs and furniture. The professional staff at Echo Cleaning helps assure you that all products are used correctly, and the job is done right the first time.

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