• Allergens in the Workplace

    By : echocleaning Jul 2024

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    Allergy sufferers are prone to allergen issues no matter where they live or work. Missing work, or being slowed down at your desk because of allergies is counterproductive for everyone. No one wants to be miserable with a stuffy nose, itchy eyes, or the numerous other symptoms that come with allergies. Going into an office environment where allergens are prevalent can make for miserable employees.

    Allergens aren’t restricted to the outdoors, either. Many allergens are airborne, such as pet dander and pollen. These can travel on clothing, bags and purses. When movement forces them back into the air, they can be transferred into the work environment through the ventilation system and then collect on office equipment and on desks.

    Pollen and spores can also stick to shoes, which makes it easy to transfer allergens to carpets and floors. Mold can linger in carpets as well. It isn’t uncommon for commercial buildings to have roach problem. People can be allergic to cockroach saliva and droppings. Regular office cleaning is one of the best ways to prevent roach infestation and keep these allergens at bay.

    Food allergies can become an issue because of crumbs left on countertops or the floor. Other allergens, such as mold, dust mites and chemicals present issues as well. Using the wrong products to clean can make things worse, even cleaning with products with strong odors can exacerbate allergies. Carefully cleaning areas without propelling allergens into the air can be difficult, but a professional has the knowledge on how to clean these areas.

    Regular carpet cleaning, disinfecting floors, and dusting and sanitizing meal areas and touch points helps reduce the risk of allergens making people sick. These allergens can be reduced and eliminated by the experts, which can make a big difference in the workplace. This keeps employees healthy and productive. The office will look cleaner, smell fresher, and improve healthfulness of the overall environment.

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