• Unexpected Benefits Of Carpet Cleaning

    By : echocleaning Jun 2024

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    Professional carpet cleaning can improve your home’s appearance and extend your carpet’s life, amongst numerous other health benefits. While the American Lung Association recommends

    that a carpet be vacuumed at least three times each week, cleaning carpets annually provides

    additional health benefits.

    • According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a dirty carpet can retain

    pollutants including cockroach allergens, lead, pet dander, everyday dirt and dust, and

    particle pollution. Toxic airborne gasses stick to the particulate matter and become

    trapped in the carpet. Activities such as vacuuming and walking across the carpet can

    cause pollutants to be released and contaminate the air in your home. Professional carpet

    cleaning services kill bacteria through special shampooing formulas while high-powered

    vacuuming removes trapped impurities. You’re not just getting a cleaner-looking carpet…

    you’re getting rid of those pollutants!

     Dirty carpets are at high risk of developing mold when exposed to moisture. This is especially true for high humidity areas where the carpet is exposed to moisture. Moisture

    frequently gets tracked into the home and can sink deep into carpet fibers. Cleaning your

    carpet regularly can prevent mold and mildew growth. Professional carpet cleaners have

    high powered drying tools to annihilate moisture, which will also prevent mold growth.

     Dust mites are microscopic, making it hard to become aware of an infestation. Dust mites

    aren’t allergens, but they leave behind feces and body fragments which are. These can

    easily be inhaled which can aggravate allergies. Steam cleaning exposes dust mites to

    high temperatures they can’t survive. Dust mites can be cleared out with professional

    carpet cleaning.

     Sufferers of asthma and allergies find breathing easier after carpets have been

    professionally cleaned. Vacuuming removes contaminants from the surface of your

    carpet. When these contaminants penetrate deep into the carpet, it can make breathing

    difficult. Allergen induced attacks can be reduced by improved indoor air quality. Having

    carpets cleaned professionally can remove these allergens, making it easier to breathe.

    Cleaning carpets is not just cosmetic, it is an investment in health and wellness for you and your

    family. Call Echo Cleaning today at (978) 758-4858 for free estimate.