• How To Address Dirty Hot Spots in Your Office

    By : echocleaning Jul 2024

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    How dirty can an office really get? We’re not talking about overflowing trash or dusty computers, but the germs that accumulate in specific areas. Personal areas such as cubicles have far more bacteria than communal areas. Hiring an office cleaning company in MA will help keep your office clean so your employees aren’t getting sick because of their working environment.

    • Phones are typically the most unhygienic item in your office because you put them straight to your mouth and don’t often think to clean or disinfect them. And that’s not counting if that phone is used by more than one person.
    • The average desk is really dirty; some have even been found to be 400 times dirtier than a toilet seat. Keyboards can carry bugs that can cause food poisoning, they can house crumbs, hair, dead skin, and dead insects.
    • It might not be surprising that your mouse is next since you’re often touching that along with your keyboard. It isn’t as dirty as your keyboard, but it’s still got plenty of germs.
    • The office copy machine is a good home for bacteria.

    Our office environments have a notable impact on our health, and this buildup of dirt and grime affects us and can make us sick. Taking off days from work because work made you sick? Dirty office spaces can cause Sick Building Syndrome, which is a condition caused by unhealthy and stressful factors in your working environment. These factors typically include poor ventilation and lighting and can be caused by poor cleanliness, causing symptoms like headaches and respiratory problems. A dirty working environment can have negative effects on an employee’s psychology. Cleaner, tidier work environments increase productivity. There are a number of things you can do to help keep your office clean, like encouraging staff to clean and disinfect their desk, keyboards, and phones. Hiring professional cleaning services in MA is a good step towards fighting office grime. The trained professionals at Echo Cleaning have the proper equipment and cleaners to ensure a clean workspace.

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