• Myths About Carpet Cleaning

    By : echocleaning Jun 2024

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    Echo Cleaning has walked into many homes and commercial spaces for carpet cleaning services where their flooring needs some serious TLC. There are plenty of customers out there who believe in these common carpet cleaning myths that we want to debunk for the future!

    “My carpet is newer. I don’t need cleaning yet.”

    Our carpets hold a lot more airborne bacteria and other microbes than many are aware of. Though your carpet might be one to two years old, routine cleaning improves longevity and removes dirt and other contaminants before they become a bigger problem.

    “The cleaning products I buy at the store work just as well.”

    Even when you’ve found the holy grail of cleaning products, they are often not ideal for maintaining the integrity of your carpet. These products have an abundance of harsh chemicals to be effective and often will even pull the color from your carpet.

    “If my carpet looks good, I shouldn’t bother cleaning it.”

    Though your carpet might look great from the outside, cleaning can prevent potential damage in the future! Waiting until you can visibly see a color difference means that there has already been damage completed to the fibers.

    “Renting a DIY carpet cleaning machine is the same as the professionals.”

    Many homeowners will rent or buy their own carpet cleaning machine with the hopes to save money in the long run. Unfortunately, these machines put a lot of water into your carpet and drying is extensive. This can lead to mildew, mold, and break down of the backing.

    Whether you’re in need of carpet cleaning or any of our other cleaning services in MA or NH, Echo Cleaning would love to help bring your flooring and other services back to life with professional techniques, machines, and cleaning products that improve the longevity of your space.

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