• Summer Business Cleaning Tips

    By : Echo Cleaning Sep 2023

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    Summer Business Cleaning Tips | Echo Cleaning

    Have you been a situation when you have a board meeting in a few minutes, and your conference room doesn’t look ready since it is untidy? Is there dust visible on the floor, tables and chairs?

    Well, the situation could be embarrassing!

    Undeniably, the hot and humid summer months can be a breeding ground for harmful pests, microbes, and mold. It gives rise to the need to hire professional business cleaning services.

    Also, professional business cleaning helps de-clutter and reorganize staff. Summer is even a great time to conduct a deep cleaning at your office.

    If your office is in dire need of cleaning, here are a few tips on how you can efficiently clean your office this summer:

    • Start by Cleaning Desks

    The very first step to clean a business is to make sure all desks are free of any dust and well-organized. In fact, you should always keep your personal working space tidy and organized to avoid any bacterial infection. Also, there shouldn’t be any edible leftovers left on your table.

    A clean workspace will uplift your mood and increase productivity so that you remain calm throughout the week. Additionally, clean your desk daily with a clean wet cloth to further ensure cleanliness.

    • Sanitizing Walls

    Light-colored walls can accumulate dust and dirt. Make sure to clean walls with a wet cloth. And, pay heed to cobwebs as you want to remove those as well.

    If possible, applying a fresh coat of paint on walls periodically will make sure they look nice and new.

    • Carpet Cleaning 

    Next in line is carpet cleaning that sanitizes and protects against outside elements! With regular usage, carpets accumulate the most amounts of dust and dirt. It makes it a prime spot for dust mites, mold, mildew, and allergens, particularly in the summer.

    Use a battery-powered vacuum cleaner for efficient carpet cleaning. Carpets should be deep cleaned since dust and dirt build upon them throughout the year.

    Also, if your carpets and doormats are highly soiled, make sure to professional cleaning services as they have advanced tools and equipment to deep clean the carpets.

    • Deep Bathroom Cleaning 

    Clean toilets are very important for maintaining hygiene; otherwise, they can spread disease and make your staff sick. In turn, it affects the productivity of your team members. Therefore, you should hire professional cleaners specialized in cleaning and sanitizing toilets.

    Office bathrooms must also be adequately maintained and clean. To keep a hygienic and appealing environment, one should deploy small measures such as deodorizing bathrooms after properly cleaning them. The use of essential oils as air fresheners is actively used by industrial cleaning services, which keeps stalls fresh and clean.

    • AC Vents & Window Cleaning

    Make sure to wash your windows thoroughly as they can also accumulate dirt. After the winter season, germs and bacteria on windows and blinds which create an unhygienic environment.

    It is often found within air conditioners that were dormant during winters have become breeding ground for insects and mites infesting in vents and preventing air ingress. Make it your priority to clean those beforehand since you will be using a lot of AC in the summer season.

    Moving Forward With Business Cleaning

    Business cleaning is extremely important. However, if you have a huge office and cannot do cleaning yourself, you can go for professional cleaning services providers. Even if you own a small business, it can hard to do cleaning yourself since you will have a lot more stuff to focus on.

    So, hire professionals to do the hard work for you. Echo Cleaning is an excellent commercial cleaning company that can provide you quality services at affordable prices.