• 5 Best Office Cleaning Hacks to Help You Work Smarter

    By : echocleaning Jun 2024

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    Office cleaning hacks

    Weighing time to clean your office against spending additional time on work is a struggle for many businesses. Though, what activities produce the best results for the given effort that you need to make?

    Here is a list of 5 best office cleaning hacks that can help you work smarter:

    1. Clean your electronics regularly. We know that in this busy, super-competitive business environment, it is very tempting to eat lunch at your computer. While it can impress some bosses, those crumbs and dirt can often affect your reputation with coworkers and customers. To counter this, be sure to swing by your local office supply store to pick up wipes made for electronics to clean your electronics daily. Don’t forget to wipe off your earbuds with some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball.
    2. Clean up your desk clutter. We know that your desk most likely services other purposes than a place to work at. It can be tempting to skip this during a busy day, but having a clean desk has the utmost importance of helping improving your productivity. We recommend scheduling some time during the day to clean your clutter to make the best impression. Organize and file your papers accordingly so that you clean areas that need to be cleaned.
    3. Wipe indoor plants. Don’t forget that a clean plant is a happy plant. Gently wipe their leaves with a cloth that is lightly soaked in water
    4. Clean the fridge green. Cleaning your office fridge green will ensure safety of your employees that use it. Use white distilled vinegar to clean all shelves from all mold and mildew.
    5. Install mats. Reduce debris that comes in from exterior areas by installing slip resistant mats at each entrance of your workspace. This also helps ensure personal safety by helping prevent accidental slips and falls throughout your workspace.

    Maximize the productivity of your staff, while keeping your office clean by hiring a reputable office cleaning company like Echo Cleaning. Call us at 978-758-4858 to schedule a free estimate.