How Cleaning Affects Employee Productivity

How A Professional Cleaning Service Increases Productivity

By- echocleaning

When you run a company, time is money and your employees need to focus on completing their defined jobs to ensure the ongoing success of your business. Foregoing a professional cleaning service often leads to distractions from core activities in your company. Tasks that require problem-solving and creativity can be affected more seriously. Therefore, the […]

Close-up Of Man Cleaning The Floor With Yellow Wet Floor Sign

3 Reasons to Consider Commercial Cleaning Services

By- Echo Cleaning

If you’ve got a full-time janitorial staff, it may seem redundant to consider additional cleaning services for your business. However, while a janitorial staff can help with simple day-to-day maintenance, there are several reasons why you should consider commercial cleaning services.

Why Every Company Should Invest in Commercial Cleaning

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Echo Cleaning loves building new relationships, and we love to see the ways our commercial cleaning services have improved businesses in MA and NH. We believe every business owner should invest in office cleaning services because of the many benefits it can offer, but here are a few of what we consider the most important: […]

Why Waxing Your Floors is Important for Your Business

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Floors get a lot of abuse from shoes and debris that are tracked in, such as sand or salt. Keeping your floors clean improves the way your business looks and feels and gives a good impression. Floor stripping and waxing are thought about the least, but a very important part of keeping your business appealing. […]

The Value Of Professional Window Cleaning During The Summer

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Windows have many purposes, especially when the weather is nice during the summer months. They let in the light and help us see outside. Fresh air can be brought into the interior of a building to improve the cognitive performance of your employees. Studies have shown that employees with a view from a window are […]

Office Cleaning in MA

What Areas of Your Office You Should Have Cleaned

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Businesses, no matter what services they provide or what products they are selling, should be as clean as possible to attract and to keep customers. Cleaning an office space can be time-consuming. Considering top quality cleaning professionals in MA, a professional cleaning company with the know-how and equipment can take care of the areas in […]

What’s In Your Carpet?

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No matter if you’re seeking out residential cleaning or janitorial services in the greater Boston, MA area, anyone with a carpet could benefit from professional carpet cleaning. Echo Cleaning wants our customers to know about what exactly lives in their carpets and why it matters: Allergens Pollen, dust mites, and dust are invisible to the […]

Commercial Cleaning in MA

Office Cleaning Tips for Productivity

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Having a professional cleaning company in MA with the equipment and knowledge to clean on a regular basis helps keep your office space professional. Some quick activities can improve in between cleaning sessions to e improve work productivity. Sanitizer wipes Keeping wipes near desks and keyboards makes it easier to wipe the work area down […]