Post Construction Cleaning

Post-Construction Commercial Cleaning Considerations

By- Michael Krieger

You have had your business under construction for weeks or possibly months, and you are finally ready to open. Emotions are high and your team is eager to open doors as soon as possible. Most people think that post-construction cleaning like a daily cleaning routine, but it is different. It is imperative to remove your […]

Business man mopping in empty room

5 Top Summer Office Cleaning Tips

By- Michael Krieger

Summer is a great time of year to enjoy, but it can also lead to significant opportunities and issues. Many of your employees may sporadically take vacations, which may reduce the amount of time that you need to invest cleaning. However, summer may be an ideal time for your business to make sure it is […]

Office cleaning hacks

5 Best Office Cleaning Hacks to Help You Work Smarter

By- echocleaning

Weighing time to clean your office against spending additional time on work is a struggle for many businesses. Though, what activities produce the best results for the given effort that you need to make? Here is a list of 5 best office cleaning hacks that can help you work smarter: Clean your electronics regularly. We […]

Spring Cleaning | Floor Cleaning

Enjoy Spring Fully Without Any Spring Cleaning Worries

By- echocleaning

Spring is here! The warm weather which prompts home and industry owners to review their cleaning programs and have every corner of the building refreshed. You definitely want to do a lot of cleaning, and the thought of it is already tiring. This is where we come to play, we are at your service every […]

Office Cleaning Burlington MA

How Professional Cleaning Keeps Your Place Sparkling Clean

By- echocleaning

Moving into a new home? Or are you too busy with work, so much so that cleaning now looks like a heck of a job? We’ve got you covered! Everyone likes a clean and attractive home, but keeping your home clean and maintaining it can be very time and physically demanding. Your home is a […]

How Cleaning Affects Employee Productivity

How A Professional Cleaning Service Increases Productivity

By- echocleaning

When you run a company, time is money and your employees need to focus on completing their defined jobs to ensure the ongoing success of your business. Foregoing a professional cleaning service often leads to distractions from core activities in your company. Tasks that require problem solving and creativity can be affected more seriously. Therefore, […]

Simple & Safe Winter Cleaning Tips For Your Home

By- echocleaning

One of the most interesting things about winter is that the day is always shorter and colder. This makes it entirely different to summer. People tend to spend more time indoors, especially children, even when the weather is still clear outside. Since you will be spending most of the day indoor, it is a common […]

Keep your environment clean

Simple Tips To Keep Your Home & Work Environment Clean

By- echocleaning

Cleanliness, they say, is next to godliness.  Keeping your environment clean is the best way to live in a safe, productive, and hygienic environment. Vector, water, and airborne diseases are detrimental to human environment, since they are caused by an untidy environment.  Stagnant water, open water tanks, water pollution, deforestation, and even throwing trash on […]