• 5 Top Office Cleaning Tips for Fall

    By : Echo Cleaning Jun 2024

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    Fall Office Cleaning

    Summer is coming to an end as the season is changing and it’s time to evaluate that you are getting the right office cleaning services. As I sip my mug of hot cocoa, a scan around the office leaves me wondering. I have employees who are quite efficient and diligent, and I would like to make sure I am giving them all they need to be highly productive.  Last fall, I had no time to think about it as I was busy, which meant there was a lot of unhappiness. We had a low amount of productivity as the focus was elsewhere. As we are back on track…not very great but are getting there. I then thought that a professional office cleaning service would be a welcome change.  I decided to hire a ​commercial cleaning service firm which has a lot of experience in cleaning services and is well-recommended.

    I set up the service to focus on areas that need immediate attention:

    1) Window Cleaning
    With the winter coming, there is a need for a well-lit up office space. There is nothing better than soft natural lighting, or a warm glow during a cold morning. A window cleaning service removes dust, grime and dirt from summer days. This can really transform the office. Imagine what a high quality commercial cleaning firm would achieve. This itself is a great motivator for employees’ productivity. 

    2) Carpet Cleaning: 
    We expect many of our clients and partners will visit us during Fall. We have invited them over to plan for the next year. A CEO would appreciate a well-maintained carpet, and it would be great for our business. A thorough carpet cleaning would remove bad odor, dirt, and more even after vacuuming. Washing with hot water and other sanitizers should make them as good as new. 

    3) Toilet Cleaning
    Cleaning toilets is a key part of an office cleaning plan. A well-sanitized toilet is a must for all employees. It is a place where a lot of germs and diseases could spread if it is not properly maintained. For me, a stain-free toilet signals a healthy office.

    4) Disinfecting the Office
    Disinfecting the office is the most important aspect of an office cleaning service as cold and flu season is approaching. We have many retired people working with us on a part-time basis who provide us valuable advice from their work experience. We need to grow our business, while ensuring that our team is healthy. Hence, a professional cleaning services provider should do an absolute analysis of all nooks and crannies of our office, prune plants, disinfect key areas, and wipe down furniture wherever possible. All working areas need thorough rubbing and polishing.

    I have decided to leave the office cleaning to experts at Echo Cleaning as they assured me that they have latest equipment. This allows me to take open our team’s schedule to plan activities such as bowling for a well-deserved break from routine office work that has further improved our team’s productivity.