• Cleaning Considerations in the Coronavirus Environment

    By : Echo Cleaning Sep 2023

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    Person with protective antiviral mask, chemical decontamination

    For many of us, we have anticipated many uncertainties around the Coronavirus and the environmental health impact it has on commercial businesses and residential homes. However, one thing for sure is that it could not have provided a better time to consider using professional cleaning services as the #1 priority. 

    Here are some great ways that Echo Cleaning, LLC commercial and residential services can effectively provide in order to help you save money in advance:

    • Cleaning Supplies, Equipment, and Tools

    Whether you have short-term or long-term goals for your commercial business or residential home, hiring a professional cleaning service company, such as Echo Cleaning, LLC can help you to save additional expenses to purchase entirely new cleaning supplies, equipment, and tools to get the job done. 

    A professional cleaning service company like Echo Cleaning will always have the essential resources to get started while ensuring that it works properly on any floors, objects (i.e. furniture) and other surfaces.

    • Time and Energy

    Also, trying to DIY, or “do-it-yourself” while figuring it out all on your own can be very time-consuming, especially if you are not familiar with the process of how to use certain cleaning tools properly. 

    Plus, it is always better to have a team that can help because it can be physically and mentally draining depending on the complexity of the cleaning task at hand.

    Echo Cleaning, LLC has a dedicated team of specialized cleaning experts who are very confident in their abilities to accomplish a wide variety of cleaning tasks so you can save your time and energy to focus on your business and other residential needs.

    • Maintaining Professional Appearance

    It can be very tempting to avoid dealing with the root issue for cleaning tasks and simply have it replaced by other furniture. However, expenses to maintain a professional appearance can increase significantly if not dealt with early on. 

    A professional cleaning service company often helps meet high-standards of maintaining a professional appearance so that you would not have to necessarily consider the option of replacing furniture as a resolution. 

    Preventing the Spread of Coronavirus on Surfaces

    There is still ongoing research about the causes of Coronavirus including how long it can live on surfaces when exposed to heat, cold, or sunlight. So far, researchers have confirmed that the Coronavirus can live on the following surfaces: 

    • Metal (i.e. doorknobs – 5 days)
    • Wood (i.e. furniture – 4 days)
    • Plastics (i.e. elevator buttons – 2 to 3 days)
    • Stainless Steel (i.e. refrigerators, sinks – 2 to 3 days)
    • Glass (i.e. mirrors and windows – up to 5 days)

    The main importance to note is that since the Coronavirus can be found on these types of surfaces it must be disinfected several times daily to prevent the spread. 

    An infected person can easily spread the Coronavirus, if let’s say, he or she may have coughed or sneezed on a surface. 

    In short, with a professional cleaning service, this can help your employees stay in a healthy and safe work environment or household members and guests in your place of residence. 

    Echo Cleaning, LLC is always here to help provide both affordable commercial and residential services while delivering the best experience!

    Call Echo Cleaning at 978-758-4858 for professional cleaning services for your home and business to minimize the risk of coronavirus and other illnesses throughout the year. Professional cleaning is an exceptional investment to protect the health of yourself and your employees!