• Commercial Cleaning Tips For Spring

    By : echocleaning Sep 2023

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     Commercial cleaning from EchoSpring is the perfect time to revamp your workspace, and wash away the winter mess that is still left behind. Not sure where to start? Here are some helpful tips for the most common areas of commercial cleaning, in order to help your business space look good as new this season.

    Restore Floors

    After the winter months, flooring can become littered with excess dirt, sand, salt, and grime, leaving them dull and overall unappealing. Now is the time to bring them back to life and restore them to their previous glory. The team at Echo Cleaning has both the knowledge and equipment needed to handle any floor cleaning and waxing job no matter the surface or condition, washing away the wear and tear your flooring was faced with this winter.

    Clean Carpeting

    Just as much as flooring, the winter can take its toll on carpeting as well. Salt water stains, tracked in dirt, and unwanted messes can leave your carpeting in need of some commercial cleaning TLC. The specialized equipment used by Echo Cleaning is fit to handle even the toughest of messes, and help save you the added headache and expenses of replacing worn out or damaged carpeting.

    Wash Those Windows

    It’s hard to enjoy the sunshine and scenery of spring when your windows are covered in streaks, dirt, and buildup from the winter. Having them professionally cleaned not only helps shed some much needed light into your business space, but also protects you from the dangers that can come with trying to tackle the job yourself.

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