• What Areas Are Commonly Missed When Cleaning?

    By : echocleaning Jun 2024

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    Cleaning every single space and every crevice isn’t easy. The more you clean, the easier it gets. In the home or office, there are areas that are often overlooked.

    The following are areas are often overlooked when cleaning:

    • Beneath furniture and appliances. When vacuuming, you should move furniture so you can get to the dust that settles underneath your furniture. If you don’t vacuum up dust on a regular basis, it can build up and require more extensive carpet cleaning in the future. Cleaning beneath kitchen appliances like the refrigerator or oven can help prevent appliance repairs.
    • Hard to reach places or places up high. The tops of large appliances like the refrigerator, bookshelves, doors, and doorframes.
    • Baseboards. Take a few moments to run a damp cloth over baseboards, it can go a long way.
    • Areas behind your computer, monitor, television, or microwave gather dust. There is typically less airflow behind these objects. Dust can damage electronics and reduce their longevity, which means it’s important to clean around them. Don’t forget to unplug them when you clean. It’s not a bad idea to wipe down the TV remote, your keyboard computer, and your cell phone to prevent spreading germs.
    • Items you touch every day can collect germs. Light switches, doorknobs, and doors should be wiped down to aid in preventing germs from spreading.
    • A large, flat surface area like a kitchen countertop or a floor can have neglected spaces. Move any items on the counter or floor so you can get behind everything. Don’t forget cracks and crevices, where dirt and dust can build up.
    • Cleaning in between window fixtures is a task often overlooked. The space gathers dust, dirt, and pollen. If not cleaned, it may make it so you’re cleaning your windows more frequently. Don’t forget window screens which also trap dust, dirt, and pollen from outside.
    • Do you clean your cleaning supplies? Your cleaning tools could use a good scrubbing, otherwise, you’re using the same dirty things to try to clean up! Getting your cleaning supplies cleaned and sanitized goes a long way towards getting your house cleaner.
    • Ceiling fan blades and vent grates need a good cleaning to cut down on dust and allergies. The blades in the ceiling fan and the covers of venting systems collect dust and dirt, especially if they have sat idle for a long period of time.