• Common Office Cleaning Mistakes You Must Avoid

    By : Echo Cleaning Jun 2024

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    Common Office Cleaning Mistakes | Echo Cleaning

    It is crucial to have high office cleaning standards that ensure a healthy and clean working environment. Although offices undergo deep cleaning every month and regular cleaning every day, it is not done in the right fashion.

    While it may seem clean and spotless to you, it still has some difficult-to-clean spots that your cleaning staff hasn’t paid heed to. An untidy company environment affects not only the aesthetics of your property but also the health of your employees.

    Dust usually accumulates in hard-to-reach areas. Do you have areas that have accumulated a lot of dust?

    Well, it could be a result of using the wrong practices to clean the office.

    Here are 7 common office cleaning mistakes your cleaning staff might make:

    Use Of Improper Cleaning Supplies 

    Office cleaning activities and dusting require unique cleaning products and materials. Unprofessional cleaners can use improper solutions that can damage your office environment.

    You might know how to clean your desk and windows, but there are chances you are destroying your expensive carpet if you use the wrong supplies.

    So, it’s better to hire professionals that can do the cleaning for you.

    • Use Of Harmful Chemicals 

    Many office cleaning services use harsh and harmful chemicals that significantly affect the employees’ objects and health. If you use chemical solutions to clean the office, you are putting your employees and yourself at risk.

    Make sure to avoid any chemical usage while cleaning the office as you don’t want to have any adverse effect on your people’s psychological and physical well-being.

    • Dusting With Dry Cloths 

    Are you also cleaning your desks and windows with a dry cloth? Microfiber cloth can trap dust particles, and if you damp it a little bit, it will become more effective.

    Studies have shown that a damp microfiber cloth is more effective in dusting surfaces than dry dusting cloth.

    So, next time you clean your surroundings, damp your dusting cloth a bit.

    • Use Of Abrasive Material 

    Abrasive materials can significantly damage your commercial property. For instance, if you clean monitors and TV screens with abrasive tools and materials, it can leave marks on the surfaces.

    So, instead of using a harsh and wet cloth on your screens, opt for a dry cloth or better a microfiber cloth.

    • Not Emptying The Vacuum Often

    Surfaces if your office quickly accumulates a lot of dust and dirt. While cleaning, it is vital to empty the vacuum cleaner after every use. As it collects dust, grime build-up, and dirt, its airflow gets restricted after some time. If this is the case, the vacuum cleaner will not be able to work as efficiently as it would have been before.

    And, if your vacuum cleaner is full, it will not effectively clean dirty surfaces. So, make sure to empty the vacuum cleaner before you start cleaning and do it often.

    Further, make sure you dispose of your garbage regularly.

    • Using Bad Quality Vacuum Filters 

    Proper vacuum filters can minimize the level of dirt and dust in your office. Low-quality vacuum cleaners can spew airborne particles back in the air, making it difficult to trap some bigger air particles.

    Hiring a professional office cleaning service will result in a cleaner office due to higher quality tools and equipment.

    • Not Cleaning The Carpets 

    Carpets accumulate the highest amount of dirt and grime. It is essential to deep-clean the carpets regularly. Along with this, make sure to vacuum the carpets daily as it will prevent it from accumulating a lot of dust, which might affect the health of employees and customers.

    To clean stains and bad odor from carpeting, it is important to use the right material and equipment to clean it. An absorbent towel and vacuum cleaner make the best combination to clean dirty carpets.

    Cleaning it All Up

    Employees perform better in a clean environment. You have to promote a clean workplace if you want to effectively engage your employees and grow it profitably. For this, you must avoid the above cleaning mistakes and hire professional cleaning services, such as Echo Cleaning.