• Event Cleaning – Action Plan for Post Event Clean Up

    By : Echo Cleaning Sep 2023

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    Relax and reduce your headaches for any post-event cleanup

    Are you planning an event at your place? Have you witnessed a mess either at a party, racecourse or even a wedding? Post-event cleaning can be a nightmare if you do not think about when planning for the event. It can be difficult for any one individual or non-professional person to manage it.

    Here are some guidelines to consider for any type of event:

    Homework Before Meeting the Event Cleaning Firm

    Planning an event cleaning requires an investment in time and planning. There are two types of cleaning: pre- and post-cleaning. Depending on the type of venue you choose, you may be required to have a neat space for any future engagements. Research the location, draw the outline of venue; chiefly the exit points. Have a main plan for guests and a back plan for parking, dumpsters, mobile toilets(if needed), and a path for clearing the trash.

    Internally plan various teams for the event. Shoulder responsibility and accountability of trusted people to head various teams. Planning should involve who would manage communication, shoulder security responsibility, oversee catering service firms, and perform cleaning operations.

    Plan with the event cleaners

    Identify the event cleaning services firm you would like to assign the task. Check their credentials, and ask around for recommendations. Companies with a high reputation go around in a jiffy. Look for event cleaning companies that have the latest equipment ready for the event you are planning.

    Depending on the type of event, you and your staff should be able to a help the firm in providing them with a detailed plan of the event. Some cleaners like Echo Cleaning Services  provide you with details of their abilities, referrals of previous assignments and even flaunt their clientele.

    Set standards for the cleaning. Be transparent with what type of material, food, and waste would accumulate at the event. Who are the expected guests? What age group are we looking at? Are drinks being served at the event? What type of alcohol would we offer? How many porters you may need? How often do you need toilet cleaning? Set up a meeting with various stakeholders and lay out your requirements. This can reduce headaches, arguments, court cases, and damage reputations with untold consequences. By setting up a team for interacting with the event cleaners, one can deal with any situation before and after the event.

    For large scale events like rock concerts where there is a significant amount of young people around, drinking, puking, broken glasses and bottles need to be cleaned up. Planning dumpsters and constant leaning staff can reduce significant time post event handover of the property to the owners if hired for the event.

    Here is the small example of the list of services you should expect from them. Draw up your own list as per the event size and type.

    • During pre-event activities, how would the venue look before the guests begin to arrive? When you bring their equipment, what procedure would they follow? When will they set up their equipment and storage?
    • During the event, how are they ready to deal with a situation? Do they have any temporary fire extinguishers? Do they have enough bathroom supplies?
    • Do they have any enough equipment to clear large amounts of trash post-event? Few examples: Setting up post cleaning procedures, including vacuum cleaning for the next event.

    Educate your guests

    Another vital aspect of your event cleaning plan is educating the guests. Even if it is a high society event or a local wedding function, communication can influence the way your guests behave. For formal events such as weddings, conferences, etc, it is crucial to let know them know how you would be setting up. Once you have a significant number of attendees or guests signing up for your event, you should send a message one or two days prior about the event policies. This information would do wonders for your management style and well appreciated. Remember to thank them for their patience after the event and their adherence to the suggested guidelines. Following up with a feedback survey shows that you care and also allows you to collect their details for prospective marketing activities.

    For large events, have frequent announcements, display signboards, and place trash receptacles where you think trash could accumulate. A courteous, but firm staff needs to skillfully coordinate with police and town authorities to take care of situations going out of control.

    Make trash removal smooth process

    Even when hiring a high quality event cleaning firm, nothing is wrong about having a small surveillance plan put in place. Managers overseeing the event would ensure reduce keep the cleaning staff alert and attentive. The team that is in charge internally for security and trash management needs to be on constant vigil. After all, the event cleaning firm employees are humans. Give no reason for non-productive cleaners and post party complaints. Set up check-ins with your event staff every 15 minutes to every half an hour depending on the event and situation. Beer bottles, papers, clothes, and broken equipment needs to be carried to safer places thereby avoiding any injuries to the guests. A pre-event meeting one or two days prior would be ideal to set standards in place and thereby the expectations.

    Be flexible with situations.

    A defined and well-set plan can be disrupted at any point and even without anybody noticing it. The team should be flexible in handling such situations if it is called for. The team should have a plan to deal with any challenges, manage damage control, and lead guests towards exits in case of any major incident.

    Involve Police & Town Authorities

    For large events such as rock concerts or exposed air ones, it is better to involve local authorities and police in your plan. This would be assisting them to plan their activities at the site and also involve any fire fighting services to be ready at the event for any eventuality if any such incident should occur. Having an ambulance will go that extra mile to deal with any injuries or accidents that could probably occur.

    As we have seen how a proper plan would ensure a smooth and unhindered event and prepared for any eventuality. Among many recommendations received, one event cleaning firm stood out for their management and professionalism. Echo Cleaning Company based in Massachusetts had many positive reviews for their staff and their approach to the whole thing.