• What Areas of Your Office You Should Have Cleaned

    By : echocleaning Jun 2024

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    Office Cleaning in MA

    Businesses, no matter what services they provide or what products they are selling, should be as clean as possible to attract and to keep customers. Cleaning an office space can be time-consuming. Considering top quality cleaning professionals in MA, a professional cleaning company with the know-how and equipment can take care of the areas in your office in need of cleaning. Read on to learn what areas of your office should be cleaned.

    Carpets and floors

    Floors are the number one concern for any office space. Most wooden, laminate, or tile flooring shows dirt and dust quickly. Floors can be cleaned with a broom or mop, but they may need to be steam cleaned or waxed for proper maintenance.

    Consider childcare facilities that should have their carpets and their floors cleaned quarterly as there are many activities that involve children sitting or lying down. Manufacturing facilities or businesses or offices that have high-energy appliances should have their floors cleaned frequently to avoid damage from debris or loose materials. The right equipment and proper expertise make it easier for professionals to take care of this time-consuming workload and get the job done properly.


    In offices and childcare facilities, and any building really, restrooms are integral and should be cleaned daily. By cleaning them daily, it protects people from bacteria and from exposure to harmful waste. If the restroom isn’t being cleaned regularly, it compromises the health of employees and their families.

    Desks and tables

    Common touchpoints, just like computers, include desks and tables. They are often occupied by several people in a day. Some people eat lunch at their desks which can litter the area with food scraps. Because of this, these areas should be cleaned at least weekly, but they should be ideally cleaned daily. Especially kitchen tables in order to avoid the spread of bacteria.


    Kitchen areas in break rooms have a high volume of human interaction and should be cleaned weekly or more often. Especially when illnesses are being spread. Cleaning daily helps when there are seasonal illnesses to prevent them from spreading. It is especially helpful to clean coffee stations and microwaves daily to avoid infectious diseases or viruses, especially when it’s flu season.


    Windows are an essential part of residential and commercial building spaces and office spaces. They help to promote comfort and positive morale. They should be cleaned bi-monthly to avoid being clouded with dirt. The outside of high-rise buildings can schedule window cleaning quarterly, or bi-annually.

    These are just a few areas that are of concern for those considering janitorial services. For information about top quality cleaning results in MA, contact Echo Cleaning at (978) 758-4858.