• Keeping Your Office Clean Through The Winter

    By : echocleaning Jun 2024

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    Winter weather makes it so extra effort needs to go into keeping the office clean thanks to easily tracked in slush and how easily windows get streaked with grime. Having a professional cleaning company in MA that has the equipment and knowledge to clean on a regular basis makes it easier, so you don’t have to focus on time-consuming cleaning. Commercial cleaning companies like Echo Cleaning can help keep areas of your office clean.
    • Entryway rugs and mats capture most snow, ice, and slush that gets tracked in, keeping floors from getting wet and preventing falls. Rugs also help to keep excess moisture out of carpeting that can lead to mold.
    • Pollutants in the air can be controlled with regular dusting. This keeps the office environment healthy of dust particles and impurities which can be vacuumed and removed from circulating in the air.
    • Airborne pathogens can be trapped and recirculated through ventilation systems, which compromises indoor air quality and the health of those in the office. Cleaning ducts annually and replacing filters helps to reduce bacteria and germs spreading.
    • Non-toxic cleaning products and disinfectants can be used to wipe down tables, chairs, door handles, shared spaces, and workstations. Wiping down these areas daily helps to keep away bacteria. Healthy habits such as regular handwashing and keeping the workstation clean to maintain the health of employees.
    • Windows are easy to overlook. Regularly removing grime that accumulates helps aid sunlight in getting through the windows. Sunlight keeps the air inside dry and clean. It absorbs excess moisture that could be in the carpet or on the floors. Natural light can also help raise employee moods during the cold, winter months.
    Keeping your office clean and sanitized helps with employee productivity and health and professional cleaners in MA have the equipment and expertise to help. For information about top-quality cleaning results in MA, contact Echo Cleaning at (978) 758-4858.