• Procedures For Post-Construction Cleaning

    By : Echo Cleaning Sep 2023

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    Construction always leaves quite a mess and the project won’t be perfect until a thorough, professional cleaning is made by a company such as Echo Cleaning. It is already self-explanatory what “Post-Construction Cleaning” means, but what tasks are involved in the cleaning process?

    Different construction projects often require tasks in the cleaning process to be adapted to a specific project, but we follow a 3 step procedure. It is essential to get the procedure done by a reputable cleaning company like Echo Cleaning so you can celebrate an ideal opening or your newly remodeled business.

    Here are the 3 main procedures during a post-construction cleaning process:
    When the construction is finished, an overwhelming amount of dust will cover the whole area. All of the dust and debris from the construction will need to be thoroughly removed so a deeper cleaning can be performed in the following step.
    After the initial dusting stage, a more detailed, deep cleaning needs to be carried out as dust and small debris always find the tiniest space to hide in. Every bit of surface needs to be wiped clean and properly sanitized with the right cleaning products to avoid damaging any material.
    The final stage is a thorough, elaborate inspection of the space to make sure no little detail was missed during the dusting and sanitizing. You can also check if you want to keep any debris and old material for recycling or simply discard them.

    Celebrating the opening a new sparkling clean space after construction should be nothing to worry about. If you want to save time and skip all the hassles of the post-construction cleaning, call Echo Cleaning at 978-758-4858 for reliable and affordable service.