• Ring in the New Year with the Best Post Construction Cleaning Services

    By : Echo Cleaning Jun 2024

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    Want to open that newly renovated wing in your office building with ease before the New Year’s holiday? Here is a checklist for you and your little helpers. Make the job a team project!

    From the Inside Out:

    You want to make the best impression on visitors, potential customers, and current clients. Do your best with high-quality post-construction cleaning from Echo Cleaning.

    Let’s get down to business.

    Firstly, create a plan to prioritize areas that require cleaning. A good plan is to first start by dusting the ceiling and walls. Then, clean up baseboards, door trim, door frames, and window sills to create an organized atmosphere for proper presentation and work. Continue by wiping down any debris in the windows where the sun shows dirt. Next, vacuum and mop the floors, vacuum, and dust off the floor vents. There will be a lot of dust, so cleanup blinds and shutters plus light fixtures. Remove excess caulk as well as paint from hinges. Additionally, wipe off cabinet doors, shelves, and drawers. Then, move on to Particular Sites.

    Ready Final Care Phase:

    There are specific places that need attention for an effective Post Construction Cleaning Service. For example, the kitchen has to be disinfected as per the Food-Handling Code. Check with your certifying authorities to thoroughly give your Kitchen the once over.

    The Bathroom is a popular hot spot for germs. You want to ensure the facilities are disinfected on a regular basis, including the mirror and doorknobs, as this is a highly populated space.

    The Laundry Room is on the free for all germ-central category. Make sure all areas do not have dirty linens or towels. Check the washer, dryer, and countertops to ensure they have been disinfected and clear.

    Within garages and storage spaces, unclutter and disinfect surfaces and floors. Make room for organized storage.

    In outside areas, clear trash, nails, and screws. Continue to make a good impression with a tidy front door space with a doormat with a welcoming company logo. Clean fixtures and lights as well as company signs and windows. It is important to remember to pressure wash the driveway, porch, deck, and sidewalk.

    Entrances and Exits

    It is important to dust and clear floors. Plus, remove paint from any hinges, mop and vacuum the floor, and sweep the porch. Try creating a lasting impression by personalizing your office space, including but not limited to air freshener or clear air powder to freshen carpets. Take off all stickers, packaging, and tape from office equipment and remember to empty the trash regularly.

    Echo Cleaning has the expertise and experience to offer quick and easy Post Construction Cleaning Services in the Greater Burlington, MA area. Call them for all your commercial and residential cleaning needs.