• Simple Tips To Keep Your Home & Work Environment Clean

    By : echocleaning Sep 2023

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    Keep your environment clean

    Cleanliness, they say, is next to godliness.  Keeping your environment clean is the best way to live in a safe, productive, and hygienic environment. Vector, water, and airborne diseases are detrimental to human environment, since they are caused by an untidy environment.  Stagnant water, open water tanks, water pollution, deforestation, and even throwing trash on roads is not a pleasing human act.


    Here is a few simple tips to keep your environment clean and hygienic:

    Keep things in place. 

    Always keep everything in its own place. Avoid keeping things in your house or office randomly here and there.  Create adequate places for everything in your home or office and put back everything to its proper place instantly after its use.

    Dispose of waste or garbage in the trash bin.

    Every home and business generates waste or garbage daily. Waste should not be thrown everywhere or anywhere but only in the trash bins.

    Ensure the drainage and sewage system is perfect.

    See that drainage and sewage system is perfect. Ensure there is no accumulation of water and choke in the system anywhere. Should there be any problem or flaw,  make a wish complaint to the appropriate offices.

    Recycle plastic materials
    Don’t just dispose plastic bottles or electric gadgets, but instead use them and recycle it for the betterment of the environment. Plastic takes years to decompose and is hazardous If the plastics are burnt or thrown away. So, recycle plastics.

    Plant a tree

    One way to beautify your home and offices is to plant trees or flowers around your house to add to the landscape. Trees also help in controlling pollution, though not significantly.


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