• The 3 Best Winter Office Cleaning Tips

    By : Echo Cleaning Sep 2023

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    Winter Office Cleaning

    Cleaning during the winter is even more critical than spring cleaning. Winter can be challenging to navigate for any business, but it is imperative that you adjust your office cleaning processes to keep your floors, walls, and fixtures in great shape during the winter.

    Here are best office cleaning tips maintain a high impression 0f your business:
    1) Ensure Your Floors & Carpets Are Clean

    Flooring in any facility can get very dirty quickly, whether it is carpet or hardwood. A lot of sand, salt, and snow can be tracked into buildings, which can make an office appear unprofessional to people. Furthermore, cookie crumbs and stains can remain from holiday parties if you are not careful.

    Remember to keep a mat at each entrance way to help people wipe their footwear before entering an office building. You may want to keep a broom or mop handy, especially near building entrances, to help keep all areas of your office building tidy.

    2) Clean Your Windows Regularly

    Cleaning your windows inside and out can ensure that the appearance of your office building stays professional. During the winter months, windows can exhibit stains from the rain, snow, and wind. Especially if your office is located at a street level storefront that gets a lot of traffic, this gets more important as customers form a strong appearance based on your business before they even enter. Cleaning the windows inside prevents a cloudy, streaked, and dull residue that can form throughout the week. Since cleaning windows during hot, sunny days can leave streaks, colder days can present a great opportunity to get window cleaning done. We recommend that you wipe the outside vertically and the inside horizontally so that you can determine which side has streaks.

    3) Disinfect All Areas

    Winter is a great time in which germs can spread easily on floors, desks, podiums, restrooms, and more. Consistently disinfecting all areas will reduce the chance that germs will spread. Therefore, this helps maintain the health and safety of your customers and employees. Especially with the current Covid19 environment, you want to be cleaning all common areas thoroughly to prevent the spread of virus.

    Let Echo Cleaning help you get through the winter with our office cleaning and window cleaning solutions. Call us at 978-758-4858 to schedule a free quote for your business.