• The 5 Best Winter Business Cleaning Tips

    By : Echo Cleaning Sep 2023

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    Days get shorter and colder during the winter, which tends to make people spend more time indoors. Winter also brings its unique challenges as people can track sand and salt in from recently treated parking lots and driveways. In turn, this can result in challenges throughout the winter in providing the best impression for your customers.

    Here are 5 Tips to Keep Your Business Looking In Prime Shape Throughout The Winter:

    • Keep Entryways & Walkways Clean

    Employees and customers are more likely to slip and full during the winter months due to rain and melting snow. People are also more likely to track in residual dirt and salt from treated walkways and parking lots. We recommend that you have anti-slip mats at all entrances to your building.

    • Deep Clean Your Floors

    Despite your best efforts to clean your floors throughout the winter, longstanding dirt will often develop. People often wear heavy duty footwear which can exacerbate wear on your floor. Call a professional cleaning company like Echo Cleaning to schedule a deep cleaning to keep your floors shining bright.

    • Let the Sun Shine In

    One of the best ways to improve employee morale is to let natural light into your windows. One way to inhibit that is to have ensure that you maintain clean windows which let in more light.


    • Educate Your Employees

    Hold a meeting to remind your employees on what they should do to remain healthy to reduce the chances they will get sick. Review the sick policy so that they are reminded of the importance of staying home when they are sick.


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