• Booking Commercial Cleaning over the Holiday Season

    By : Echo Cleaning Sep 2023

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    Holiday Commercial Cleaning

    The holiday season is here and with that comes potlucks, wet weather, and cold and flu season. Planning your professional cleaning services around the holiday season will help to ensure that this time of year goes more smoothly for the business.

    It also allows you, your employees, and customers to remain in the holiday spirit in a clean environment! 

    Holiday Parties = Holiday Messes

    Most employees in the office look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas parties towards the end of the year as it is not only a chance to get in the holiday spirit, but also to enjoy in some lightness in the office.

    With the holiday office party season in full swing, so are holiday office party messes. Multiple potlucks or catered meals are morale boosters for the team, but the messes left behind can be overwhelming in the course of your normal office janitorial staff’s workflow. Holiday parties also introduce unique messes into the office that can cause stains and longer-lasting damage to your floors and surfaces. Spills can damage your surfaces and floors, crumbs can get embedded into your carpet, and spoiled food can introduce offensive odors into the workplace. If you decide to have a holiday party, consider increasing the frequency of your commercial cleaning to keep your areas clean in between larger potlucks and parties.  

    Cold & Flu Season

    When the weather starts to cool down and the rain and snow begin to fall, it’s nearly inevitable that sickness eventually enters the office and spreads from person to person. While employers can promote healthy hygiene habits in the workplace, employees may forget to practice these habits in the course of their workdays, which unfortunately leads to germs being spread around the office. Nothing kills productivity more than having a steady stream of employees miss work due to illness. Having your office professionally cleaned more often during the cold and flu season can ensure that employees and customers are entering a safe and healthy environment. 

    Start off the new year with a clean sweep while employees are away

    The end of the year sees lighter staffing as people take off for the holidays. Your company may cut back on normal operations during this time of year. Take advantage of the office being empty and get your office professionally cleaned for a fresh start when everyone returns in the new year. It can have a rejuvenating effect not only on your floors and surfaces, but your office morale to turn the calendar and come back to a clean office.

    Echo Cleaning Company provides comprehensive commercial cleaning services for small, medium, and large businesses in the Boston, Merrimack Valley, and Metro West areas. We help maintain a neat professional working space to inspire confidence in your clients and are excited to work with you to create a routine schedule that will wow anyone who walks through your front door. Give us a call at (978) 758-4858 or contact us here to discuss your cleaning needs for this holiday season.