• Why Waxing Your Floors is Important for Your Business

    By : echocleaning Sep 2023

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    Floors get a lot of abuse from shoes and debris that are tracked in, such as sand or salt. Keeping your floors clean improves the way your business looks and feels and gives a good impression. Floor stripping and waxing are thought about the least, but a very important part of keeping your business appealing. The conditions of your floors will be noticed immediately. Dull and grimy floors give the wrong impression. Floors with a lot of wear and tear won’t last as long as they can.

    • Scratches, dirt, and slippery areas on the floor can create potential hazards. Having the floors stripped and wax removes dirt deposits and applies a new surface without scratches or slippery areas. Floor waxing maintains a safe floor.
    • Dirty floors are not pleasant to look at. When waxing a floor, it strips the floor and re-applies a protective finish. Many scratches and stains are removed and when waxed, they are clean and shine and give a professional and inviting appearance.
    • When the protective seal on the floors wears down to the point where the flooring is exposed, permanent damage can occur. Regularly cleaning your floors decreases their wear, protects them and increases their longevity.

    When you have your floor stripped, sealed, and wax applied, it forms a barrier between the floors and anything that can damage and stain them, helping to protect your floors from traffic and everyday wear.

    It is important to use the correct chemicals and equipment for the type of floor that is being waxed. The wrong materials can damage your floors. Cleaning professionals from Echo Cleaning will have the right equipment, chemicals, and training to strip and wax your floors properly.

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