• Winter Cleaning Tips That Combat Flu Season

    By : Echo Cleaning Jun 2024

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    Winter is coming soon and is on our heads. It’s the time of year for different viruses and colds to make rounds through our homes, offices, or any other living area. It can lead to serious illness, make people feel nausea. But, is it not possible to stay safe from such viruses and flu during winter?

    We know that ‘Prevention is better than cure.’ Paying a little attention can prevent our family and friends from sickness. Cleaning is the best way that can stop germs from entering the house. It can prevent us from getting in contact with cold viruses or flu this season.

    Here are some tips for keeping your residential and offices clean and stopping diseases from entering them during this winter and flu season:

    Always Carry Antibacterial Sanitizer along with you:

    We go to several places during the whole day like restaurants, public bathrooms, our office, etc. Most of the things are touched by different people coming there. Such things can be doorknobs, car door handles, tap to wash hands, and many more. The main thing you need to keep in mind is avoiding touching your face. Germs can reach your eyes easily through your mouth.

    Sometimes it is not practical to use soap and water at times, so it will help if you carry an antibacterial hand sanitizer with you wherever you go. However, it’s a tiny precaution, as it is not as effective at disinfecting your hands like soap and water. You need to take care even after using a sanitizer and make sure you are not touching your face. Also, as soon as you get access to fresh water and soap or hand wash, clean your hands thoroughly so that you can get rid of germs if present there.

    Use Disinfectants Properly:

    Most of us go for some selective disinfectant when it comes to clean surfaces and keep them free of germs and bacteria. We spray disinfectants in areas that we want to clean and wipe it off with a cloth, but this is not enough for cleaning any surface. These antiseptics can be very useful and help us to kill harmful germs from our house.

    You should spray the cleaner on the surface and clean it off with a microfiber cloth. After this, you can use any antiseptic or disinfectant liquid and let it sit for some time as recommended. It will give time for the disinfectant to work correctly, and after that, you can wash or wipe away the remains of spray, if any.

    Clean Items Thoroughly:

    The cloth you are using to clean your house or wipe off the disinfectants is going to get dirty. It is recommended that you should not use that cloth without washing it properly. If you use the fabric without washing it, you will contribute to spreading the germs in your home on various surfaces.

    The perfect way to clean clothes is to soak them in warm water with some detergent and let it remain for two or three minutes. After that, rinse the cloth in warm water until there is no soapy texture left in it. Then, let the fabric dry under the sun or through a dryer. Then, the cloth material you washed is ready to be used for cleaning again.

    Use Common Household Items With Care:

    As flu and different viruses are known to hit human being’s immunity, we have to protect ourselves and stay safe from such infections. There are many household items that are used by multiple people. These things are to be cleaned more thoroughly than others. If any house member is infected with flu or virus, either such things should not be used or should be washed immediately.

    Clean bedding with an antibacterial spray properly. Moreover, make sure that the towels, brushes, and other personal items are not in contact with each other. Use tissues to cover your mouth when blowing your nose and throw them immediately after use.

    Teach your Children to Stay Safe in Schools or Parks:

    Kids can get in contact and even can spread germs too easily and quickly through school and playgrounds. Teach them about some measures they should take during this winter and flu season. It will help them to stay away from germs or prevent them from spreading. Educate them to wash their hands repeatedly for at least 20 seconds by rubbing them in soapy water.

    We know sharing is a good deed, but during this season, for the sake of other’s health, sharing of food items and drinks should not be done. While the children are in school, the park, or with friends, they should avoid touching their mouth, nose, and eyes. If they are suffering from a cold, they must always keep a handkerchief to cover their mouth if they sneeze and cough.

    Moreover, it would be best to teach kids to stay away from such people who are already in contact with any flu or cold virus or ordinarily sick. Kids may have a weak immune system, so they must follow every vital step to help them stay away from germs and bacteria and stop them from spreading everywhere.

    Staying Healthy This Winter

    We have discussed some measures that can help you in cleaning your house and keep yourself and your family healthy during winter. The reason behind taking such necessary steps is to stay away from germs and bacteria that can take birth in dirt and messy areas during this season.

    Also, you can contact and hire our specialists to clean your house, as our dedicated team members are very concerned about the cleanliness and keeping it disinfected from viruses, flu, germs, or bacteria.