• The Value Of Professional Commercial Cleaning Services During COVID-19

    By : Echo Cleaning Sep 2023

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    Commercial Cleaning Services Covid 19

    The impact of the global pandemic crisis has hit many commercial businesses in a wide variety of industries. This has proven that hiring a professional cleaning service like Echo Cleaning is a key vital component to keep business demand operations afloat by maintaining a healthy and safe work environment.

    Researchers have already confirmed from a compiled list that the Coronavirus can live on the following types of target surfaces: 

    • Metal (i.e. doorknobs – 5 days)
    • Wood (i.e. furniture – 4 days)
    • Plastics (i.e. elevator buttons – 2 to 3 days)
    • Stainless Steel (i.e. refrigerators, sinks – 2 to 3 days)
    • Glass (i.e. mirrors and windows – up to 5 days)

    The major trade-off to this benefit of having regular professional cleaning services for commercial businesses that are equipped with the proper sanitization resources and supplies to disinfect various surfaces and materials. This minimizes safety risks to protect the health and spread of the COVID-19 virus onto customers and employees. Otherwise, various places of business would not be able to operate successfully for that main reason alone in both the short-term and long-term; and either way, Echo Cleaning, LLC is here to help meet this economic need for commercial businesses which alleviates this burden risk.

    Learn about the benefits of hiring a highly trusted professional cleaning service company for your business cleanliness solutions rather than solely relying on housekeepers and janitorial staff and how it can reduce financial pressures by cutting expenses.

    The constant public attention is focused on workers in hospital centers and other healthcare facilities these days as they actively serve individuals, families, and children.  This highlights the intensive demands in their communities for mandatory specific cleaning requirements to properly control and prevent the viral spread of bacteria and other infections. 

    Echo Cleaning, LLC. provides deep cleaning services such as window, carpet and floor, restroom, and surface sanitation. These types of advanced deep cleaning services can help support the current medical policy guidelines to give patients and medical staff the safest clean environment possible. Offices, restaurants, government buildings, banks, manufacturers, and schools are some of the extra types of commercial businesses they provide excellent services, which also includes residential properties and homes.

    In fact, Echo Cleaning, LLC. is considered a top registered professional cleaning company that provides reliable and affordable services to local clients daily in Boston, Merrimack Valley, and Metro West areas. They also use the best equipment and sanitizing products, including an experienced team dedicated to ensure that commercial cleaning services would support the standards of your professional business needs during this time so it won’t ever miss the mark. So for many businesses that are seeking restoration, this is still perhaps one of the best times to be united and invest in professional cleaning services!

    Contact Echo Cleaning at 978-758-4858 to schedule a consultation to learn more about exceptional commercial cleaning services that can help offer both protection and prevention from the Coronavirus and other illnesses for your entire business work environment!